Outdoor Basketball Hoops

We will price match any comparable hoop !

The two main things we're typically discussing at this time of year (spring???) are putting basketball hoops on driveways or existing concrete pads, and doing backyard courts with our Sport Court floor modules, lights, rebounder nets, etc.  Below you'll find information on the outdoor basketball hoops.  

Outdoor Basketball Hoops

SportGames, LLC is proud to offer an outstanding, American-made basketball hoop system.  American Eagle™ basketball hoops are made with heavy-gauge steel, attractive aluminum-finished glass or acrylic backboards, and a heavy-duty pole and crank assembly that you can install yourself....or have us do it for you.

A key difference between our hoops and most of our competitors is the fact that ours have both the upper and lower arms providing support on the outside edges of the backboard as opposed to most of the support behind the white target above the rim. This not only gives you a nice, clear view (instead of looking at black framing), it also keeps our occasional gusty wind conditions from twisting the backboard like a loose highway sign. Even though we're typically $200-$300 less than any comparable hoop system, should you find a fair comparison at a lesser price, we will Price Match​!

We carry the 60" and 72" glass backboard hoop systems in stock.  Here is an example of our 60" PRO Series Glass Hoop System on a Driveway Line-Item Estimate.  The 72" unit is such a tremendous value that the vast majority of what we sell is this one.  It is noted on the estimate, as well.  Smaller basketball hoops are available as a special order.  If you choose to install it yourself, you can just remove the installation cost from the quote.  Please note that mileage and per diem may apply for installations outside the Sioux Falls, SD area.