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SportGames Center Booking Info

In our attempt to make it as easy as possible to reserve space at our SportGames Center, we have utilized an online booking system developed by Skedda, a world-wide leader in software for sports and recreational facilities.  Please note a few important things when considering a reservation with us:  1. Once you've completed your transaction, you will not be able to cancel your time commitment online.  Under certain limited circumstances, it may be possible to reschedule for another "off-peak" time, but will be under the sole discretion of management.  2. Paying for your space constitutes your signature on our Liability Waiver Form.  Unfortunately, the society we find ourselves in today mandates this necessity.  3. Please be considerate of our other patrons and only use the time and area you've paid for...not early and/or late and not allowing those who aren't included in the scheduled activity to run around in the other gyms or rooms.  You may be charged for the additional space and time if so observed. 


When you click on the link, you'll be taken to their web site that has our SportGames Center areas available to you in real time, allowing you the flexibility to schedule your team, family, or event at the times most convenient for you.  Here are the steps to efficiently renting our SportGames Center:

1. Click on the link "Book Your Space Today" found at the top of each page.  You'll be taken to the SportGames Center's calendar on Skedda's site. The desktop version will say "SportGames Center" at the top whereas on a mobile device, you'll see it initially before the spaces pop up.  The desktop version will also show you the pricing (including sale tax) that varies as you click and drag your desired time frame.  The mobile version will give you a booking summary (including the cost) once you hit the green check mark. For now, here's the general pricing structure (without sales tax) for the 3 areas - available in half-hour increments but stated as an hourly rate. 

A. The S-4 Golf Simulator is $35/hr plus tax for our standard size East system and $40/hr plus tax for the new Sport Widescreen West system for both Standard and Prime time periods.

B. Standard time for both the Basketball/Volleyball and the Turf Gyms is 6 am Mondays to 6 pm Fridays. 6 pm Fridays to 11 pm Sundays are Prime time.  Both gyms can be split as Full or Half, with the price being equally divided as well. Standard rates are $90/hr, while it's $110/hr for Prime.

2.  At the top left of the page, you'll see a series of boxes with drop down arrows that allow you to quickly navigate to the date and time you're considering. Rental time is broken down by the half hour.  It works best to click on your start time first...then drag to your end time.  You'll notice the time and price changes as you do this.  The "odd" amount shown is the grand total, including sales tax.  It's also possible to move this time period to different locations in our facility.  Pop-up instruction boxes aid the booking process.


3.  To the right of that, the first box with the drop down arrow allows you to narrow the spaces to our Basketball/Volleyball Gym, our Baseball/Softball/Soccer (turfed) Gym, or our Golf Simulator Rooms.  The boxes with the side arrows scroll from side to side through all the sub-dividable areas of those 3 locations.  Here are links to diagrams of our BB/VB Gym, the Turfed Gym, and the Golf Sim Rooms .  

4. Once finished, you can either click the green "Book" button or double-click on the time period to confirm your reservation and plug in your credit card information.  We ask for an email address so we can send you a receipt of your reservation.  Our security doors will be programmed to open 15 minutes before your booking and will lock automatically 15 minutes after your time period ends.  

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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