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One of the most sought-after aspects of our turfed gym is the ability have a wide open area to hit, play catch, or kick balls without being confined to a cage.  This makes it an ideal space for teams, birthday parties, family reunions, or any other event that would normally occur outside...without concern for weather conditions.  The cost to rent is based on the amount of space, not the number of people, so you're able to reserve only what you need.  For example, if this entire turfed and netted gym is available, you'll be able to go online, reserve the space, plug in your credit card info, and know that we'll have our security doors set 15 minutes before and after your allotted time. 

If this is more than you need and you're looking for some time in a unique batting cage or two, we can accommodate.  Unlike your typical cage that starts with a low ceiling height and then further sags in the middle, our's uses the overhead "roof" netting as its cover - allowing a batter to see the trajectory of their hits.  Add one of our two pitching machines for a swing workout (prior training required).  Our state-of-the-art Sports Tutor HomePlate Ultra programmable pitching machine has the capability to store 64 different pitches and throw them one right after the other.  Face a 90 mph fast ball high and away followed by a 75 mph change up low and inside.  Scout an upcoming pitcher, note his favorite "go-to's", program them in and hit "random".  That's REAL batting practice!
Another area that a coach, parent, or teammate can use is one of our mounds to work on pitching mechanics or catcher blocking skills. The turfed gym can be booked in halves if you don't need the entire gym.
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