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 Basketball or Volleyball Gym

By going to our online booking site, you'll be able to easily see what areas, or parts of those areas, that are available to rent for the dates and times you're considering.  The cost to rent is based on the amount of space, not the number of people, so you're able to reserve only what you need.  For example, if this entire gym is available, you'll be able to go online, reserve the space, plug in your credit card info, and know that we'll have our security doors set 15 minutes before and after your allotted time.  Challenge another coach and his team and the gym is yours!

If this is more than you need and you're looking for a smaller full court...for younger kids or "older (still) kids", reserve one of our cross courts in any number of half hour increments.

Add our premier Shoot-A-Way programmable basketball rebounding/shooting machine for an additional charge (prior training necessary) and you're well on your way to game day improvement.
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